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Retailer Frequently Asked Questions

At Premium Products LLC, we understand that introducing a new product into your business takes considerable thought. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have answered common questions so you can understand what Jayvees is and be excited to carry it.

  • What is Jayvees?
    Jayvees is an "alternatives" brand for edibles and vapes, containing CBD and THC. We are focused on actively expanding our products to feature cutting edge cannabinoids and ingredients that are easily marketable to any target consumer.
  • What is Premium Products LLC?
    Premium Products LLC is a Las Vegas-based distribution company that has the exclusive rights to the Jayvees brand. The company currently DSDs (Direct Store Delivery) Jayvees products to all Refuel Markets in North and South Carolina, along with items from their partners. Their list partners can be found here .
  • Why should I stock Jayvees-branded products?
    Jayvees offers high-quality products and, most importantly for retailers, great margins. Premium Products LLC offers competitive profit margins to Master Distributors, Wholesalers, or directly to Retail outlets, with profit margins for the final retail outlet going for 50% and over. We offer marketing support, including suggestions on product placement in store (see examples here) and in-store advertising materials you need to get the products moving quickly.
  • How does Jayvees sell?
    In the lucrative THC-infused goods market, Jayvees products sell themselves, thanks to clever packaging which allows customers to immediately identify key product features. Other CBD and THC products encounter difficulty with brand recognition due to advertising* limitations. However, Jayvees is quickly gaining recognition, attributable to quick expansion in c-stores and smoke shops and word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers. The US THC-infused edible market is currently estimated to be nearly $3 billion this year and expected to grow to over $40 billion by 2030 (source). and Jayvees is expanding quickly throughout chains and independent shops. Jayvees is currently sold and purchased by hundreds of satisfied consumers in North and South Carolina as the exclusive THC-infused edible and vape offered by Refuel Market. *Though this product is not considered cannabis, most mainstream advertising firms are awaiting full Federal marijuana legalization.
  • Is Jayvees made from marijuana?
    All cannabinoids in Jayvees products are all hemp-derived, which is legal under the United States Farm Bill (passed in 2018 as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018).
  • Is Jayvees legal?
    Throughout the majority of the United States, Jayvees is legal since all cannabinoids within our products are farmed from legal hemp. Regulations have begun to emerge at state and local levels; Jayvees fully supports and complies with such actions as it ensures product transparency and safety within our industry. For most retailers, there is no special license required to sell our products, though we are available to assist you navigate local laws pertaining to the sale of Jayvees products.
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